8 Gemstone-Inspired Ensembles for Summer

8 Gemstone-Inspired Ensembles for Summer

When I was growing up, I had a sketchbook that I filled with fashion designs. Page after page of dresses, tops, skirts - all in red. Let me say that again - red!! If you’ve met me, you know I’m decidedly not a red person.

While my taste in colors has changed, my love of clothing has not. I love to shop and I appreciate style. That’s why it’s been strange that I’ve found myself standing in front of my row of hangers for longer than usual. The early spring stand-bys have been put to the back of the closet (it’s officially hot here in Tucson!), and I just haven’t gotten into the summer clothes groove yet. So, lately, I’ve been thinking about what key pieces to add that will make me excited to put an outfit together!

Summer, known for her vibrant and yet delicate nature, is best supported with a collection of hues that honor her earnestly. And while my labradorite and navy blue quartz gemstones inspired the Lila Clare autumn ensemble blog post some six months back, the gemstones that inspire my selected summer shades are much lighter, brighter, and more ethereal. And not red! I’m using my current favorite gemstone colors as the inspiration for 8 head-to-toe looks for summer!

Fun fact: As I was searching online for inspiration, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Vogue has actually forecasted ten colors for summer, four of which are unmistakably the same as my gemstone picks. And funny enough, another color on the list is bright red! Well, I guess most of us have evolved from 80s red even if Vogue hasn't gotten the memo ;)

Aqua Chalcedony - My absolute favorites, this color brings me viscerally back to holidays spent on white sandy beaches with aquamarine seas lapping at my bare feet and worn-edged, cloudy seaglass filling my pockets. You may recognize that this stone is used in most all of the handmade pieces displayed online in the Lila Clare Joy Collection!

These two looks, inspired by Aqua Chalcedony, feature Ella Mini Gemstone Necklace & Ella Three Leaf Drop Earrings from the Lila Clare Joy Collection: 

Green Mystic Quartz - Doesn’t this stone just hypnotize you?! Simply stunning with beveled cuts that catch the light and distribute it about in prismatic glimmers. To me, this was such a clear pick for summer, reminiscent of morning dewdrops balancing delicately on a flower’s leaf.

These two looks, inspired by Green Mystic Quartz, feature Ella Asymmetrical Five Leaf Necklace & Ella Three Leaf Cascade Necklace from the Lila Clare Joy Collection:  

*In addition to aqua chalcedony and green mystic quartz, I’ve recently chosen two new semi-precious stones to accompany my Lila Clare pieces this summer and I’m excited to introduce them both to you!

Pink Amethyst - This past February, when attending the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, I came across this light, delicately shaded stone and couldn’t help myself. I adore so much about it - like how its faint cotton candy coloring is complemented with translucence and especially how it appears the softest purple. I find it to be a sumptuous and simple stone, perfect for summer.

These two looks, inspired by Pink Amethyst, feature Ella Three Leaf Chandelier Earrings & Ella Medium Leaf Fringe Necklace from the Lila Clare Joy Collection:

Chocolate Moonstone - Though a decidedly less traditional color for summer, I’m still in love with chocolate moonstone. I believe this stone balances out the others in a very grounding way. Its coloring presents a certain earthiness that isn’t quite accounted for in the other stones. It wholeheartedly represents the rock colors in the Southwest (I’m thinking specifically of the Grand Canyon!), with a sun shimmery iridescence. I also happen to believe that the “of-the-earth” quality inherent in this stone, ought to be represented all year round.

These two looks, inspired by Chocolate Moonstone, feature Ella Small Leaf Hook Earrings & Ella Single Leaf Necklace from the Lila Clare Joy Collection:

*All clothing & non-Lila Clare Jewelry accessories sourced from Nordstrom.com :)

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