Autumn Inspiration: Gray Moonstone

Autumn Inspiration: Gray Moonstone

Fall has arrived and though it hasn’t quite come with the chill in the air that I’ve been longing for, I do trust it’s on its way. And while I wait, I figure at the very least the time has come to assemble fall ensembles.   

And assemble, I have.  

Yes, I may live in the middle of a desert but that doesn’t mean I’m to be kepfrom my beloved fall-hued layers. So, as I fantasize about looks I’m still a good 30 degrees away from fully enjoying, I felt like sharing the colors that are inspiring my wardrobe so far this season.  

This time, last year, mossy greens and wintry blues piqued my interest and summarized my style.  

This year, a gemstone I’ve begun to use in the Lila Clare pieces has captured my attention and now I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  

Gray Moonstone, with its cool-toned pearlescence and naturally cloudy character, has been a welcomed pivot from the warmer shades that punctuated my summer style. Reminiscent of an overcast autumn sky, it conjures a kind of tangible seasonal shift that I’m looking forward to.  And when it does come, I’ll have my closet prepped! 

*Featuring the Cynthia Gold Circle Necklace

*Featuring the Ella Three Leaf Cascade Necklace with Gray Moonstone 

*Featuring the Opuntia Medium Flat Circle Earrings

*Featuring the Ella Asymmetrical Five Leaf Necklace with Gray Moonstone


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