Cynthia Small Gold & Silver Three Circle Cluster Earrings

The circles that make up these handmade cluster circle earrings denote elegance and simplicity. Each of the three circles varies slightly in size and weaves delicately into the other to create a uniquely orbiting effect. Despite subtle differences in size and distinct gold and silver tones, the linking of one circle with the other and again with the last offers a message of universal connectedness.

Each earring is made with 14-karat gold-filled and sterling silver rings that dangle from sterling silver earwires. The largest gold circle is 0.5" in diameter with an earring length of approximately 1.5″. Length includes the earwire.

Materials: Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Filled
Method: Hand Fabrication
Finish: Polished Silver (Shiny)
Timing: Ships in 3 - 5 business days

Eco-friendly handmade jewelry. All sterling silver used in these silver and gold circle cluster earrings is made with a minimum of 60% recycled silver.

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