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Eco Friendly Handmade Jewelry

Lila Clare Jewelry is committed to the environment, making eco friendly handmade jewelry inspired by nature itself.

Lila Clare Jewelry takes numerous steps to source recycled metals, utilize suppliers in Tucson & other United States areas and reduce the carbon footprint of my handmade jewelry. Below are some of the steps I take to preserve the environment.

  • Local: Lila Clare Jewelry is 100% handmade in the United States. I live in Tucson, AZ and make the jewelry in my studio. Cast pieces are cast in an independently owned casting studio in northern Arizona and finished in my studio.
  • Recycled Metals: Lila Clare Jewelry's cast pieces are made from 100% recycled metal from a certified refiner. The hand fabricated pieces are made from metals with varied recycled content, which is dependent on the supplier of the raw material. I strive for 100% recycled raw materials. The raw metals for both cast and fabricated pieces are purchased from companies in the United States. Scrap from the studio is reused in house or sent to a refiner to be recycled. All of the metals are nickel and lead free. Look for the flower to indicate items made with eco friendly, recycled sterling silver.
  • Chain: Lila Clare's necklace and bracelet chain, clasps and jewelry tags are made from recycled metal in the United States.
  • Shipping: I use eco friendly packaging, such as Kraft recycled paper envelopes and recyclable/biodegradable bubble wrap (it's green - literally!).
  • Reuse: Lila Clare Jewelry reuses as much packaging from suppliers as possible, from the bubble wrap to the boxes that the materials come in.
  • Office: I strive to keep our office and studio green by printing on recycled paper, reusing or recycling already printed paper, opting for electronic billing, reducing packaging and much more.