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Inspired by opening leaf buds with a dangling raindrop, this handmade bud necklace is one of my favorites for its subtle asymmetry, femininity and reminiscence of spring.

This handmade necklace features a faceted gemstone dangling from a sterling silver bud open leaf pendant.

Sizing: The leaf pendant is 1.25″ on longest side and 1″ on the shorter side
Necklace Length: 16" or 18"; all chains all have 2" extender
Materials: Sterling Silver, Semi-Precious Gemstones
Method: Hand Fabrication, Wire Wrapping
Timing: Ships in 3 - 5 business days

Click here for the gold vermeil version of this necklace.

Eco-friendly handmade jewelry. A minimum of 60% recycled sterling silver was used to make this necklace.

inspired by leaves since 2010

Growing up in the mountains of North Georgia, I used to press and collage leaves. Now, as an adult, the Joy Collection gracefully interprets leaf shapes in wearable metal forms.