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Oh, marvelous nature!

Oh, marvelous nature!

nature inspired jewelry

Is there anything more profound, more awe-inspiring, or more humbling than nature? We each have a well of inspiration that we drink from to quench our curiosities and fuel our passions. When Aristotle asserted that there is something not only special but marvelous in all things of nature, he gave voice to the notion that I hold so dearly. And each time I hear it my well is filled again.

In all of its stunning grandeur yet remarkable simplicity, nature reminds me that beauty is all around us. From the oscillating line of a wave washed along the shore and the verdant venation that stretches across a leaf to the prismatic curve of a rainbow and the extraordinary symmetry of an insect’s wings, it’s undeniable that Mother Nature is Earth’s original artist. My solemn appreciation of nature is what has, does, and will continue to inspire each piece of Lila Clare Jewelry. Enjoy!

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