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A Fall Affair: Introducing Lila Clare’s Newest Pieces

Fall is officially upon us! Call it my North Georgia upbringing - filled with days spent wandering through the forest, leaf kicking and collecting, and coming home to warm hugs and a blanket - but I simply adore this season. To me, fall is a beautiful metaphor for the cycle of life, serving as an opportunity to reminisce about the vitality of summer while anticipating Mother Earth’s deserved time for rest. And although temperatures won’t be dipping too far below 70° here in Tucson (at least not until December) I’m still eager as ever to pull out my autumn attire. So, what will you be seeing me in this fall? Like my jewelry, I look for clothing that is devoted to celebrating natural elements in a fun and artistic way! It’s all about my unique expression of nature in its perfect, stunning simplicity and my clothing often reflects that. Those who know me know that I’m a hopeless hippie at heart so this year I’ve been loving fluted sleeve dresses like this one by Oasis. The cut is sweet yet sophisticated and the color is a knockout for fall. Blouses with billowy arms always catch my attention and truly any fall-hued floral is a winner in my book, like this new Anthropologie dress

But my inspiration for fall fashion doesn’t stop there. I’m also so excited to show you all some of the newest additions to the Joy collection! (You didn’t think I was going to leave Lila Clare out, did you??)

This collection, which features dainty, elegant earrings and necklaces made from fine metals and faceted gemstones, is a customer favorite. Do you love the botanical-inspired necklaces and earrings but have warm coloring that you don’t think will complement their cooler tones? Fret not! All of the pieces from the Joy collection may be photographed with sterling silver and a chalcedony stone but they are all available in a selection of metals and stones. So, whether it’s a shiny or matte gold vermeil that you prefer, an Amethyst, Green Mystic Quartz or Labradorite stone, or some combination of those, you’re able (and encouraged!) to customize your piece to make it distinctly you.

And now, without further adieu, meet Joy’s newest additions:

Ella Two Leaf Chandelier Earrings with Gemstones 

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