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The Meaning of Pink Amethyst

I’ve loved gemstones for as long as I can remember. My fascination began when I was young, looking at jewelry and gemstones at art fairs, and grew when a metaphysical store opened in a neighboring town. How I loved pouring over the raw stones, and the tumbled ones set into jewelry.

pink amethyst dangle earrings

I’m not alone in my attraction to them. Crystals and gemstones have long been revered for their luster, luminescence, and intricate patterning. Beyond the aesthetic allure, these enchanting descendants of our natural world boast myriad metaphysical properties that are said to aid in the physical, mental, and emotional healing and well-being of their wearer.

Pink Amethyst, is the soft-hued, feminine version of darker purple amethyst. But don’t mistake its softness for weakness; this stone is full of powerful effects and you can expect any of the following influences when a pink amethyst is nearby:

  • A cleansing of energy in a particular space or a person. Amethysts are a form of quartz, and as such, possess similar cleansing characteristics. These stones are known for their abilities to absorb questionable, neutral, and bad energies, cleanse and release them back out into the surrounding space.
  • A movement toward emotional balance and overall peace. This stone is known to instill feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace.  
  • Increased intuition and clarity. Whether wearing your pink amethyst or keeping it nearby throughout the day, don’t be surprised if a deep sense of “knowing” washes over you.
  • open petal earrings with pink amethyst gemstone
    An opening of the heart chakra [the 4th energy center in the body] thereby allowing a person to more readily offer and accept love, tolerance, and loving thoughts into their experience. It may be especially effective for anyone enduring feelings of stress, sadness or grief.
  • Lucid dreaming! You might notice that after an evening of wearing your pink amethyst to bed or placing it beneath your pillow, you will awaken with a clearer memory of what you dreamt about.
  • Feelings of security and protection from injury or harm - at times physical but more often emotional turmoil that may stem from a relationship where loss or betrayal was a predominant factor.
  • A lifting of troubling thoughts, feelings, and energies in oneself and the environment around them as this stone is known to cast away negative spirits.
  • Freedom from doubt or worry - especially as it pertains to the relationships in one’s life.
  • Increased personal power! When pink amethyst is around, you’re likely to feel restored, balanced, and aligned with your aspirations and higher purpose. Clarity is on hyperdrive and doubt is diminished. Talk about a perfect combination for personal growth!  
silver open leaf and pink amethyst neckace

In addition to each stone’s external beauty, they represent something meaningful and significant symbolically as well. Pink Amethyst’s qualities are different than Aqua Chalcedony’s which are different than Pearl’s.

It’s my hope that you select a stone that speaks specifically to you. If you aren’t certain of the metaphysical meaning of a particular stone, select one or two that enchant you most, and then research the meaning of each. You just may find that the stone you chose offers precisely what you need at this very point in your life.

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