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Annika's graduation jewelry wish list

Annika's graduation jewelry wish list
woman wearing silver handmade teardrop cactus necklace in front of prickly pear plant

Annika is a college senior, graduating from the University of Arizona. She's a studio art major, and an amazing portrait photographer. Annika has built an impressive senior, graduate and portraiture business - all while being a college student. Check out her website here!

For the last year, Annika has been taking photos of my jewelry on women so I have a portfolio of lifestyle shots. She thrives taking photos of people in nature. I appreciate how she balances model, jewelry, and background. Plus, Annika makes her subjects feel so comfortable.

I asked Annika which Lila Clare Jewelry piece she'd like for graduation, and she sent me her nine favorites! Here is Annika's jewelry graduation gift wish list:

Cactus Skeleton Hoop Post Earrings
botanical hoop earrings on white background

Cactus Skeleton Teardrop Necklace
cactus teardrop pendant on white background

Slender Cactus Skeleton Ring
narrow silver cactus skeleton ring

The Desert Botanic Collection highlights the beauty of the Tucson desert. These pieces are made from the actual skeleton of the prickly pear cactus, so this jewelry is the perfect gift for someone who has a personal connection to the desert. For Annika, who is moving home to Oregon, cactus jewelry could hold particular meaning as a reminder of her time spent living in the desert. Wearing these pieces will be a way for Annika to hold onto memories of this place and time, even as she moves on to new experiences.


Double Gold & Silver Circle Earrings
double circle earrings

Silver & Gold Nest Circle Earrings
cluster circle earrings on wood background

Linked Gold & Silver Circle Necklace
mini linked circle necklace

The Luna Collection is simple jewelry staples that are perfect for graduation gifts. These mixed metal pieces are versatile, lightweight, and perfect for everyday.


Coin Pearl Necklace
dainty coin pearl necklace on white background

Coin Pearl Earrings
dangle coin pearl earrings on white background

Chalcedony Gemstone Necklace
simple aqua chalcedony gemstone necklace on white background

Annika loves these dainty handmade pieces from the Joy Collection. Simple pearl or gemstone jewelry is a great gift for your graduate who loves gemstones in an understated way.

woman wearing linked circle necklace in front of door

If you're looking for a unique and meaningful gift for your graduate, Lila Clare is a perfect choice. Handmade jewelry embodies a personal touch, timeless quality, versatility, and sentimental value. Lila Clare Jewelry will be a memorable and meaningful graduation gift!