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What is Gold Vermeil?

What is Gold Vermeil?

You might have seen that the Gold Vermeil option for many of Lila Clare Jewelry's pieces. But what, exactly is gold vermeil?

Simply put, vermeil (pronounced ver-MAY) jewelry has a thick layer of gold over a sterling silver core.

Similar to the process of gold plating, vermeil requires that sterling silver jewelry be placed in a bath containing fine gold particles, which adhere to the surface using electricity. The use of the term "vermeil" is actually regulated by the FTC. It requires that the quality of gold used must be 10-Karat or higher and have a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns. This allows a much longer wear than gold plated jewelry.

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Lila Clare Jewelry's vermeil is 14k yellow gold.

18k yellow and 14k rose gold are available by special request, and require a bit more lead time.

Vermeil jewelry is considered more valuable than gold-plated jewelry because of the thickness of gold and its sterling silver base. The copper and brass base metals, typical of gold-plated jewelry, are less precious.


Care for Vermeil

I highly recommend keeping your vermeil jewelry in a sealed bag when not wearing the piece swimming, in hot tubs, or using harsh household cleansers. Cleaning vermeil is a bit different from how you would clean sterling silver. You won't want to use a polishing cloth or abrasive cleansers because they may wear off the plating. I highly recommend Hagerty Silversmith's Polish. It works well for vermeil, sterling silver jewelry, and solid gold jewelry!

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