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Nature's Awakening

Nature's Awakening

I find such comfort and resounding truth in this poetic simplicity. 

Perhaps the only amendment I’d make would be to add a corresponding line which mirrors the first, so as to say: 

“When you awaken, nature awakens too. 

And when nature awakens, so naturally, do you.” 

...because I believe the relationship between individual and nature is not individual at all; but rather a direct line of universal interconnection. And so, for one to occur, so must the other. For me, the difference lies only in whether or not we allow ourselves to observe the relationship that is naturally occurring

Now, nestled in spring, we find summer nearing and remember that as Nature awakens from Her slumber and stretches Her proverbial legs, budbloom, animals stir from extended rest, and we come into a more honest awareness of our own true nature. In this way, we find peace in knowing that nature is not something external of us. Personally, I choose to regard Nature and Her bounty as my muse, continuously inspiring my art and reminding me that nature is fully incorporated with-out and with-in.

How do you feel as you experience nature's awakening?

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